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November 21, 1998 - Henry Lin

After taking "Be Happy" the Herbal Nutritional Supplement for three months
 my irritation condition has been improved.

At present, I keep taking "Be Happy" and I am getting better and better. I 
strongly believe that for those who are easily to be upset, "Be Happy" would
be effective based upon my experience.

I would like to extend my appreciation to you and give my permission to
disclose my letter to the public as a testimony.


Henry Lin

March 26, 1999 - Maria Giribaldi

l am a mother of two teenagers daughters. My oldest daughter, Miluska, used to worry so much about school (her grades and her peers) and she had often asthma attacks, skin rashes, and allergies. Her condition was very upsetting to me but now, Miluska is more sure of herself and happier. Miluska worries less, her grades are very good, rarely she has rashes and very seldom she has breathing problems. (Miluska takes "Megaenergy" and "Immune up")

My youngest daughter, Carlotta, and I have had a very difficult relationship, since she was a baby. Carlotta used to be so full of anger and depressed and it was impossible to get along with her. After Carlotta starts taking "Be Happy", she now is less angry, and depressed. At home, life is easier and better for all of us.

Now its my turn: Im happier with my daughters and my life. I have a full time job as a High school teacher and another part time job at a Junior College. I am less tired and I have more zest for life, more energy and l am content and at peace- at least most of the time. Miluska, Carlotta and I are all feeling better. Physically and emotionally, Nothing much has changed in our lives except the fact that we have been your patients since last August. (I have taken Megaenergy and Be Happy)

We are more calm and happy. Its like a miracle: many things that used to bother us deeply are now not so important. No words can express how deeply grateful the three of us are.

Thank you again!

Maria Giribaldi

July 2012 - Karen Bock

I had a cyst on the corner of my left eye. I went to the eye doctor, and he told me that there was no medicine to make it to go away. I start taking Myomin, and after taking it for 4 months, it disappeared.


February 2013 - George S.

Great services, Great prices, Great people. Business runs very smoothly and everybody knows what they are doing. I would recommend this place to anybody!! Thank you guys!!!!!

March 2013 - Roxie B.

SEVEN WORDS! A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!! I walked in as somebody with my head down about my weight and walked out with so much motivation! I can honestly say that they have changed my life! Now about their service... EVERYBODY is amazing at what they do and they are all very professional.

April 2013 - Ana C.

Great knowledge of natural medicine! I received immediate results from just one visit. I was completely exhausted and drained when I went to see Suren. Without going into detail with my personal health issues - his diagnostic equipment was totally accurate and immediate in addressing the issues. And the suggestions and supplements I received have turned me around. Excellent knowledge and care! I am committed to improving my health with his guidance and help.

August 2013 - Daniel

After I quit smoking 2 years ago, I gained approximately 65 lb. I tried many different diets but they didn’t work. I hardly lose few pounds. Finally I found your site and start following your instructions. After following your diet plan and improving my metabolism I get good results. In eight months I lost 59 lb. Now I have lots of energy, and self-confidence.

With Respect


October 2014 - Ana Balch

I just had to say how happy I am. I lost about 35 lb, my cholesterol under control, depression is gone, and I can sleep normal.

Thank you so much

January 2016 - Nurhan

I get excellent results from Super-X. My confidence and sex life are back, I enjoy the life.

Thank you very much

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