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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I use dietary supplements?

A. Dietary supplements provide real health benefits while maintaining remarkable safety profile. This is become especially obvious if you compare them with conventional medical drugs.

Q. Are dietary supplements safe?

A. They are safe and without any side-effects if you take them in suggested doses.

Q. Are these supplements effective?

A. They are very effective. Some of the herbal formulas are used for hundreds (even thousand) years. So, basically many generations used them, and if they are not effective the generations will not pass the knowledge to us. Don’t forget in those time there where no “special interest,” and if some remedy is not working effectively the other generations will not use them any more.

Q. Are your dietary supplements 100% all natural?

A. Yes, all the dietary supplements presented in this site are 100% natural. They do not contain artificial color, sugar, gluten or preservatives.

Q. Do I need take dietary supplements separately, or I can take them mixed together?

A. Some dietary supplements recommended to be taken before meals, some during, and some after the meals. So, let’s say you have to take two different supplements before meal. Take one type of supplement 20 – 30 minutes before meal time, then after 10 – 15 minutes take another one. Take them separate, giving at least 5 minutes gap.

Q. How long do I need to take the dietary supplements?

A. Take dietary supplements at least 3 – 4 months to achieve favorable results. In some cases (depending on the indications, and how long you have the problem) you need to take them even longer. Don’t forget that the dietary supplements don’t suppress the symptoms; they work on causal level, and it is take longer time to restore the normal (healthy) physiological conditions of the body.

Q. Are the health evaluation tests are safe?

A. Yes, they are non-invasive and safe for the body.

Q. Are we going to have a confirmation number and receipt.

A. Yes. You will receive automatic e-mail with confirmation number and receipt.

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