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Useful advice for depression

  • Eliminate or very limited your alcohol consumption
  • Eliminate caffeine, and fried foods from your diet.
  • Spend more time outside. At a minimum, try to get 
20 minutes of sunlight each day.
  • Get moderate amounts of exercise. Try to walk 
20–30 minutes every day.
  • Use aromatherapy essential oil for depression. The following aromatherapy oils are useful in combating depression: Bargamot, clary sage, geranium, jasmine enfleurage, lavender, lemon, lime, melissa, pep­permint, petitgrain biguarade, rose, rosemary, sage lavandulifolia, Mysore sandalwood, spear­mint, thyme citriodora, lemon thyme, red thyme, ylang-ylang; Application methods: bath, diffuser, massage.
  • Rosemary tea will help relive hysterical depression and very good for headache caused by nerves
  • Cloves, Gotu Kola, Panax Ginseng, and St. John’s Wort single herb teas are useful in dealing with depression
  • Musical solution for Depression relief – “A Conversation between the Wind and the Sea” from La Mer by Claude Debussy
  • Orange color bring self-confidence, and help to relief the depression
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