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Cholesterol statistics

According to the American Heart Association approximately 100 million Americans had elevated cholesterol levels. Among them it is estimated that approximately 52 millions Americans need some immediate assistance.

The higher your cholesterol levels, the more likely you will have a heart attack. Unfortunately the average American still has one chance in two of dying from a cholesterol-related disease. More than 90 percent of Americans live in jeopardy of having a serious illness relating to the circulatory system. Every 20 seconds a person in the United States has a heart attack, and approximately one third of these heart attacks lead to death.

Cholesterol-related cardiovascular problems cause about 700,000 deaths a year in America alone. To get the frightfulness of this picture just imagine the following. This number is equivalent to having 9 jetliners (each carrying over 200 people) crashing every single day in America. Because it happens one at a time in a thousand different places these deaths are not making breaking news, and people continue living in ignorance.

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