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Useful advice for combating arteriosclerosis

  • It is important to know that arteriosclerosis is not connected with your age. The main cause is an unhealthy lifestyle.
  • Stop smoking. This could be another cause of arteriosclerosis. Actually, toxins in cigarette smoke are one of the primary causes of artery damage. Besides its problems for overall health, smoking also contributes to developing arteriosclerosis. Free radicals that are found in tobacco smoke combine with cholesterol in the blood, and they are oxidized. This oxidized cholesterol is associated with arteriosclerosis development. Actually, smoking accelerates the process of arteriosclerosis by making the blood “sticky.”
  • Reduce or quit alcohol consumption.
  • Avoid drinking with meal.
  • Beta-carotene is helpful for arteriosclerosis (especially for prevention). Beta-carotene is one member of a large category of substances found in foods known as carotenoids. It is best to take beta-carotene in food rather than as a supplement. It found in high levels in yellow, orange, and dark-green vegetables.
  • Drink every morning 200 – 300 milligrams of hot water on an empty stomach. The water should be as hot as you can tolerate. This cleanses the blood vessels, takes all kind of deposits from the body and is useful therefore for arteriosclerosis.
  • Warm and cool alternating showers every morning helpful in dealing with arteriosclerosis, and increase blood circulation. Do it at least 3 times. Keep each time 30 seconds. Make sure always finish with cold shower.
  • It is very important to maintain a healthy liver because this vital organ is responsible for eliminating excess fats and cholesterol from your body and it keeps your arteries clean.
  • The rate of arteriosclerosis is related to chlorinated drinking water. Chlorine is a powerful oxidizing agent. That is why chlorine is used for bleaching. The chlorine is capable of causing severe damage to blood vessels and promotes the development of arteriosclerosis. Chlorine causes a noticeable increase in LDL (bad cholesterol) and thereby demonstrates that chlorinated water alters the way the body metabolizes fat. Chloroform, as a by-product of chlorination, causes excessive free radical formation and cholesterol to oxidize. All together these of course increase the risk of heart disease. The shocking news that should alarm you is that your body can absorb more chlorine as a result of 10-minutes shower, than if you drank 8 glasses of the same water. Actually your body absorbs 6 to 100 times more chlorine in a shower than you do by drinking the same water. You may be surprised how it can happen? During the warm shower you open up your pores, causing your skin to act like a sponge. Another way is that you inhale the chlorine vapors during showering. Through these two ways you absorb chlorine directly into your bloodstream. That is why showering in chlorinated water could be one of the greatest risks you take every day. Exposing your body to such water every day for a prolonged time can cause many serious health problems. Among them are excessive free radical formation, difficulty in metabolizing cholesterol, hardening of arteries, higher vulnerability to genetic mutations, and others. It is absolutely necessary to make your shower safe and toxin-free by installing a shower filter. Replace the filter often, according to its life span, in order to secure your protection from chlorine in shower water.
  • Use aromatherapy essential oil for reversing arteriosclerosis. The following aromatherapy oils are useful in combating arteriosclerosis: Juniper, Onion, Rosemary, and Yarrow; Application methods: bath, and massage.
  • If you are overweight check Weight Loss Protocol.
  • It is interesting to note that although arteriosclerosis causes high blood pressure, high blood pressure in its turn can cause arteriosclerosis. If you are in this situation check High Blood Pressure Reducing Protocol
  • If you have elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels check Cholesterol Reduction Program.
  • For more information how to deal with Arteriosclerosis check Natural Solutions For Arteriosclerosis and Overcoming Arteriosclerosis With Food by Souren Malkasian.
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