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We are glad to announce that our Vitamin Remedy Finder will soon be available on our web site. This product is very unique and will help you with the following:

  • It will help you to find remedy (among vitamins only) for many ailments and health conditions
  • It is actually cover more than 800 ailments, health issues and conditions
  • It will help you to learn what vitamins are good for what health issues and conditions
  • It will help you to learn exactly what vitamins are able just prevent disorders, what vitamins are able to reduce the symptoms, and what vitamins can treat and even cure the ailments
  • It will help you to learn what vitamins deficiencies cause impairment of what organs and systems of the body, and thus lead to development of certain health problems and issues
  • It will help you to learn about potential candidates for additional supplementation for each vitamins
  • It will help you to learn about each vitamin destroyers, and factors that are influence to vitamins absorptions and utilization
  • It will help you to learn how to deal with approximately 800 ailments and health conditions using only vitamins; among them you will find specific health conditions such as for example acid reflux, acne, alcohol craving, anxiety, arteries (unclog), blood cells health (promotes), blood circulation (improves), bone marrow health (promotes), bruising, calcification in your coronary arteries, calcium absorption (increases), calming effect produces, carbohydrates (convert into energy), cell life span (extend), cholesterol, concentration (improve), dandruff (eliminates), depression, dizziness, ear ringing, energy (increase), fatty liver, fatigue, headaches, insulin resistance (improve), water retention, skin dry, skin pigmentation, and many, many others; besides above-mentioned simple health conditions you will learn how to counteract to many serious ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, ulcerated colitis, and even cancer
  • It will provide information about best food sources for each vitamin, so you can first try to remedy your health conditions with proper food, and then if it necessary you can take also vitamins in supplement form
  • It will help you to learn how much you should take vitamins in supplement form, how to store them, and is there are any toxicity signs or side effects
  • In addition you will find some notes, suggestions, advices or precautions and other information for each vitamins
  • It will help you to steer needed information in just in a few seconds

The Vitamin Remedy Finder is a useful tool for any health-conscious person that wants to navigate among many health conditions and easily find answers on many health concerns on a vitamin level.

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