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Why stress is critical

Millions years ago, acute stress response helped us escape saber-tooth tigers by activating “fight or flight” response. This is build-in automatic mechanism that helps humans escape real dangers. When the fight or flight response is activated, the heart rate speeds up, breathing accelerated, blood is forced away from non-essential activities (such as for example digestion) into the muscles to prepare us to flee – and hormones (such as adrenaline and cortisol) flood our bodies, readying it for physical action.

Today, it works the same way to help us face less life-threatening situations. In our modern (full of stress life with ongoing anxiety, panic attacks and fear), the body’s “fight or flight” mechanism is activated repeatedly – along with repeated acceleration of the heart, respiratory system, nervous system and hormones. At this situation unfortunately, as part of this chronic stress response, the body also repeatedly shuts down its vital functions – such as for example cell repair, digestion, processing of waste matter, and toxin removal. Since many people live with constant stress for years this eventually leads to many health issues.

According to statistics every 2 seconds 7 people worldwide die from direst result of stress.

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