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Dr. Malk offers consultations in his Glendale office as well as in other cities.


Initial Office Consultation – $400 (includes health evaluation using 3 different devices); also, through different techniques we will check the health conditions of different organs and systems; in addition, during first visit through questioner we will obtain needed information, and open the file)

Follow-up Consultation – $50 – 100 (depending the case)
These fees are only for consultations, they are not include the prices for different supplements (if you are going to take them)


Initial Office Consultation generally lasts approximately 2 hours

Follow-up Consultation generally lasts approximately 30 – 45 minutes

Office location for consultation

815 S. Central Ave #8

Call (323) 860-9060 to Schedule your Appointment

Instructions for Office Consultations

Don’t use alcoholic beverages at least for 24 hours before the Initial Office Consultation

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