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Liver Chi

Liver Chi is good for liver protection. Liver Chi greatly enhances the liver functions. It is a natural product made from different Chinese herbs.

Many people experience bloating after meals, dry mouth, bitter taste and fatigue. These symptoms relate to liver conditions and may signify malnutrition or high fat content in the liver. These all conditions are reversible with Liver Chi. Consumption of Liver Chi has been shown to increase antibody production. Also, Liver Chi enhances T-cell activity and immunity. Liver Chi reduces liver necrosis.

Liver Chi could approximately double liver cell production. Recovery from abdominal pain and vomiting occurs faster when Liver Chi is taken. Also, Liver Chi promotes recovery in such conditions as acid stomach, bitter and dry mouth, poor appetite, and irregular pulse.

A fatty liver (caused by malnutrition, chronic infection, poisoning, chronic alcoholism, chronic ulcer colonitis, tuberculosis, diabetes, serious anemia, tumor cachexia etc) works on overdrive, producing factors in excess that become toxic to the liver itself. This may cause cirrhosis. A fatty liver is reversible, and Liver Chi is an effective supplements in combating this health condition.

Liver Chi is highly effective in the treatment of fatty liver and cirrhosis in long-term treatment (about 5 – 6 months). It reduces blood cholesterol levels, and normalizes liver functions. In addition, Liver Chi has good effects on acute hepatitis and chronic hepatitis. It is good for hepatitis A, B and C. Liver Chi not only reduces the amount of hepatitis virus in the cells, it also increases interferon and phagocytosis, both of which enhances to the body’s innate immune response against viruses.
Liver Chi produces great results without any side effects. It is the most popular Chinese herbal formula in Japan.
Take Liver Chi at least 10 minutes before meals 2 – 3 capsules 3 times daily.

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