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375 All Natural Ways To Loose Weight

For the first time, a book is available which presents 375 natural and safe methods to fight obesity and lose weight.

This book includes: herbal and homeopathic remedies for weight loss; nutritional, Ayurvedic and acupressure solutions; sound, color, juice, magnetic therapies; aromatherapy, and many other natural techniques. You will find ancient and modern, Eastern and Western methods for weight loss. It includes solutions from Tibetan, Indian, Chinese, Siberian, Japanese, European, Australian, African, Mexican, Venezuelan, Argentinean, Paraguayan, Brazilian, and Native American schools of alternative medicine. Among those solutions there are some that not only apply to our body, but also to our emotions and mind. Presented solutions are for all levels that can affect your obesity problem. In this book you will find some unique and specific methods to overcome obesity.

Majority of the books for weight loss, simply suggest you to eat less and move more. This sometimes helps but most people have more complicated reasons of becoming obese. These are not cases of overeating; and therefore, it has nothing to do with caloric intake. For all those people, the question, how to lose weight, remains open. This book will give you answers on that question.

The Weight Loss Encyclopedia provides a unique opportunity to treat your health problem simultaneously with weight loss. For example, you have a heart problem. Choose from the Index the remedies that along with the weight reduction are useful for heart health. In this particular case the combination of COQ-10 (#121) and Cayenne pepper (#122) is very beneficial. Similarly you can find helpful solutions for normalizing high blood pressure, cholesterol reduction, improve blood circulation, strengthen immune system, kidney problems, liver problems, diabetes, and many other health conditions.

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