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Vein Lite

Vein Lite is an herbal blend that works excellent for symptoms of bad circulation. Vein Lite has capacity to invigorate blood circulation and cellular oxygen levels. Its remarkable oral chelation effects remove toxic heavy metals from our system and it has capacity to increase the brain’s acetylcholine esterase levels, which have been found to be very effective in the prevention and the relief of symptoms of poor circulation.

Vein Lite is highly recommended if heavy metals are a concern. It has been found to normalize blood pressure and relieve symptoms of heart disease such as headaches, darkened lips, cold hands and feet, numbness, and even angina. After taking 8 weeks of Vein Lite headaches are gone in 91% cases. Vein Lite enhanced oxygen circulation and brain function. It works as an anti-oxidant, eliminating free radicals.

Also, by strengthening coronary and arterial systems, Vein Lite along with Germanium and MIT allows for increased blood and oxygen flow to the brain, improving memory and mental clarity.

Vein Lite improves human body’s oxygen tolerance, improves microcirculation, inhibits blood platelets coagulation, dissolves the fibrinogen, lowers thrombosis, and reduces blood thickness. It increases pulmonary and coronary circulation.

Dosage: Take 2-3 capsules 2-3 times per day 30 minutes after meals.

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